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Construction Management and Architectural Methods

bulletExamine and improve industry processes, methods and management
bulletEvaluate the success of processes, methods and management improvements
bulletDevelop new educational opportunities for students incorporating living laboratories
bulletAssess the impact of living laboratories
bulletPromote and establish collaboration between industry and academia
bulletConduct research merging industry and academia strengths, needs and opportunities

Safety in the Workplace

bulletEvaluate workplace hazards through customized workplace audits
bulletDevelop, design, and deliver safety plans
bulletDevelop safety training materials for construction or general industry using the latest technology
bulletTrain workers, supervisors, and management on safety compliance related regulations and issues
bulletConduct research in safety trends, issues and the use of technology to improve work practices and the workplace

Educational and Training Technology

bulletAppraise educational and training needs
bulletPlan educational and training technology tools to improve individual cognitive, emotional and motor skills
bulletDevelop educational and training technology tools for turnkey implementation
bulletImplement educational and training technology tool
Assess the impact of the educational and training technology tool
bulletConduct research in the state-of-art technology for education and training

IT Hardware for Construction

bulletApply and create IT Hardware for systems integration and automation of the design-bid-build construction cycle.
bulletIntegrate IT Hardware for delivering construction education and training.
bulletDevelop Applications for Smart Chips relative to the construction project lifecycle.
bulletApply technology involving embedded software systems relative to education, training, and the construction project lifecycle

Design Computing


Develop software for building realtime scenes of real environments incorporating virtual reality, neural network, and expert system tools




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