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Virtual Reality Walkthrough of the USM Stadium

By Justin Nosser - Aug 05 - Dec 06
Advisor: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran
Project Abstract

The Virtual Reality walkthrough is an interactive environment accessible through the Internet that allows users to walkthrough the USM stadium. A user can walk through the VR environment and walk into the different areas such as the concession areas, restrooms, ticket office area, athletic building area, and the seating areas. The Virtual Reality walkthrough provides an opportunity to learn more about the layout of the stadium at USM. It is expected that this type of virtual reality walkthrough will allow users to have a more enjoyable experience while learning about the structural layout of M.M. Roberts stadium.

  Snap Shots of the Virtual Reality stadium


Virtual Reality Environment
Step 1: A VRML plug-in is needed to see the VR environment. The following are a few FREE plug-ins available on the web:
      a- Octaga Player - by Octaga

      b- Blaxxun Contact - By Blaxxun

      c- Cortona VRML Client - By Parallelgraphics

Step 2: Enjoy the Virtual Reality Walkthrough of the USM Stadium
         Virtual USM Stadium


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Originally Developed by: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran - Email:  - Nov 2004
The University of Southern Mississippi. AA/EOE/ADAI