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Web Based Virtual Reality Training Simulation Tool to Identify Possible Threats during a Stadium Event

By Justin Nosser - May 05 - May 07
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair), Dr. Walter Cooper, Prof. Fairuz Shiratuddin
Project Abstract
Stadium security has become an important issue since the tragedy of 9/11. According to researchers’ findings, pre-event training was featured as standard procedure for most secure stadiums, but lower level security stadiums showed no emphasis for pre-event training. This is a problem because outsourcing security professionals to merely establish a security presence is no longer a guarantee of safety. It is imperative that security professionals receive timely training using improved training programs so that threats that can lead to disasters can be detected, controlled, and avoided. The objective of this research project is the creation of a Web based virtual reality training simulation tool for security personnel in identifying possible threats that can occur during a stadium event. More specifically, M. M. Roberts Stadium located at the University of Southern Mississippi. VizX3D, a VRML authoring toolkit, is used to model a virtual representation of the University of Southern Mississippi’s football stadium and to build the potential threats. By using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, the researcher established the necessary database needed and Java is used for programming purposes and database connectivity. In this virtual reality training simulation, the user will be confronted with the task of threat detection and response in the stadium surroundings. The finished project is a Web based Virtual Reality Training tool application to visually train security personnel before an event in the identification of common threats that can occur at the football stadium during a game or other occasion. This training tool will strengthen security awareness and save thousands of patrons from potential danger. The tool will also be very easy to use and will also be accessible through the Internet so that security personnel can use it at their leisure.

Snap Shots of the SHPM Virtual Reality Building

Virtual Reality Environment
Step 1: The Flux VRML plug-in is needed for the VR training tool to work properly. Please click on the link below to install this required plug-in:
          Flux Player - By MediaMachines

Step 2: Click the link below to be re-directed to the Stadium Login page. You must register your information if you are a new user and await approval from the administrator before using the VR stadium training tool.
 Web Based VR Stadium Training Tool Login Page


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