Class AgentDispatcher

  extended byScript
      extended byAgentDispatcher

public class AgentDispatcher
extends Script

This class handles determining the agents new location Step 1 - recieve parameters from applet Step 2- Create wildfire agent and pass in the type of terrain (ie shortgrass) Step 3- Pass in coordinates and scale to wildfire dispatcher Step 4 -set the new scale and translation of enviromental agent

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void initialize()
          This method intialized all the parameters.
 void processEvent(Event e)
          This method does the work of the class.
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Constructor Detail


public AgentDispatcher()
Method Detail


public void initialize()
This method intialized all the parameters. Gets a reference to the enviromental agent and the parameters passed in from applet



public void processEvent(Event e)
This method does the work of the class. First time it executes it sets the parameters passed in back into the VRMl scene for future reference. Then it creates a wildfire agent (You could subsitute this with whatever agent you are creating). Then its sets the parameters that are changed in rothermels models. These parameters in our case are windspeed, direction, and moisture