Reusable Architecture Components


  1. EnviromentalAgentType - This type defines the interface for all environmental agents and provides reusable methods. (Agent locator, Agent Morpher, Agent Consultant)
  2. Java Implementation of Rothermels modes including the 13 fuel types
  3. Generic Movement method - inputs are location, speed, and angle output new location
  4. Geometry class - This class provides generic methods that are useful for 3-d programming.
  5. Class libraries of java

Reusable VRMl components

  1. Sun VRML loaders - provides a implementation of VRML nodes for java
  2. EAI class libraries - provides libraries for comminication between HTML and VRML scene
  3. VRML interface - Interface includes generic script nodes for VRML scene and java interface scripts
  4. VRML models (scenetypes, individual trees)