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Web Based Text to Speech and Speech to Text Application for Providing Online Test for Blind Students

By Carlos Sterling - Jan 04 - Present
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair), Prof. Desmond Fletcher, Prof. Doris Kemp
Project Objective
The objective of this project is to design a testing application for the blind or visually impaired student, based on text to speech and speech to text technology.  This application will promote a better teacher/student relationship in the classroom. Text to speech and speech to text should be web based and easy accessible. 


Technology is the key in providing an alternative for blind students in secondary education.  Currently, there are problems with existing technology at the university level which do not provide a web based speech to text and text to speech academic testing application.  The software that has been evaluated produced very low results.  Each piece of software had some qualities, but overall did not produce the desired result.  With this in mind, the priority is to develop an application to handle these issues, which blind students are facing everyday. 


Project Results

The expected results stemming from this project will result in a web based speech to text and text to speech application for providing online academic test for blind students.  This application will be tested thoroughly to provide a working product that will prove invaluable to blind students and professors in traditional classroom settings. It will improve the quality of education that a blind person can receive and promote an equal playing ground for the blind.

Project Links
 HandIvoice  Download IE Plug-in for Voice
 Graduate Proposal-(html)  
 Graduate Proposal-(word)  


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