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A Construction Engineering Scheduling Simulation through the use of XML, Java, and VRML

By Chad Marcum - June 03 - Present
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair), Prof. Doris Kemp, Prof. Desmond Fletcher
Project Objective

This project will incorporate current techniques and technology to formulate an advanced visualization tool by utilizing Java to bridge the gap between XML & VRML to aid in enhancing construction engineering studentís conceptualization of cause and effect relationships in construction scheduling.  Because of its functionality and documentation, VRML was chosen to be utilized as a three dimensional environment in which the student can explore and witness first hand the construction scheduling sequence selected and saved in an XML document, thereby providing a resource for the student to experiment with various scheduling choices and relate those choices with real life consequences demonstrated in a desktop virtual environment.

Project Results
It is anticipated that upon successful completion of this proposed project, users will have access to an advanced visualization construction scheduling tool that will provide an environment to explore cause and effect relationships between construction processes and scheduling decisions.  It is intended as an aid for educators to use when teaching construction scheduling, thereby giving students a first person learning environment in which they can explore a simulated construction schedule sequence. By providing visual learners with a visual learning environment, this tool is anticipated to be a valuable resource to educators and students alike.
Project Links
 Early Tool Tutorial  
 Current Construction VRML Environment  


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Originally Developed by: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran - Email: Tulio.Sulbaran@usm.edu  - Nov 2004
The University of Southern Mississippi. AA/EOE/ADAI