Improving Productivity In Construction Workers

Submitted by: Matt Carpenter

Advisor: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran —  — (601) 266 6419

Date: 11/03/03


5.   Impact of the Results

If the project is successful and productivity increase the implications will be easily seen because when productivity increases, it usually results in “increasing profits and generally a project that will finish on time (Johnston 2002).”  Measuring these two benefits would be simple; to measure the profit would be nothing more than looking at what the profit is.  To evaluate profit, a benchmark would be set consisting of an average profit of past jobs with similar characteristics.  This could then be used to measure the new jobs increase in profits.  Measuring when the project finishes could be done by asking one question; did the job finish on time?  Evaluating this more intently would consist of creating a benchmark using similar jobs that have already been finished and comparing how long each job took to complete.


Taking a step back to look at the impact that this project would have on society allows one to see that construction is an important link in the economy because of its size.  “Productivity improvement in the construction industry may have a significant impact on improving GDP (Arditi & Mochtar 2000).”  With that said it is clear-cut that productivity improvement is important.