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Virtual Reality Environment of a Building Construction Time Line

By Marc Brana - June 03 - Present
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair),  Prof. Doris Kemp
Project Objective
To design a virtual reality building with a time line that shows the building progressing in stages.
Architects and engineers in the building construction industry rely mainly on renderings, drawings and verbal explanations to convey to the clients (users or investors) the characteristics of future constructions. Although these methods are good, they are static and limit the clients’ capability to explore the building’s characteristics at their full extent. This limitation comes from the clients’ restriction to see only the drawings and parts of the building rendered by the architect. The objective of this project is to create a virtual reality environment of a building that allows the clients to fly and walk through the building to explore all its characteristics. The client will be able to have a glimpse of the construction process time line from start to finish. The clients will access the VR environment through an Internet connection using commonly available desktop computers. This virtual reality environment building will allow users and investors to better understand the design and suggest modifications before construction. Additionally, this virtual reality environment is expected to promote the building.
Project Results
Virtual Reality Building (requires a VRML plug-in)

Phase 1: The Virtual Reality Building of University of Southern Mississippi's International Center

Phase 2: The Interactive Timeline of the Construction process of the building.

To view the different phases of the timeline click on the white buttons on the default view or the perspective view.

Animation of a building construction sequence
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