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Voice Communication in Virtual Reality Environments

By Carlos Sterling - Feb 03 - Present
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair), Prof. Doris Kemp
Project Abstract
Current users of Virtual Reality (VR) Environments distributed over the Internet, communicate among themselves using text-chat. Text-chat is a slow communication process, which distracts the users from their main task in the VR environment. The primary goal of this paper is to describe a project that focused on the creation of an interface that allows voice communication among VR users. The resulting interface from this project allows anyone using a VR Environment over the Internet to logon to a voice communications server from anywhere in the world. The users are able to communicate without having to install new software on their computer. This type of communication is expected to foster people’s abilities to share their ideas and solutions to problems in research, education, and/or professional environments anywhere on earth where there’s a computer with Internet access.

Snap Shots of VR and VoiceWeaver

Virtual Reality Environment
Step 1: A VRML plug-in is needed to see the VR environment. The following are a few FREE plug-ins available on the web:
      a- Octaga Player - by Octaga

      b- Blaxxun Contact - By Blaxxun

      c- Cortona VRML Client - By Parallelgraphics

Step 2: Launch the Voice Communications.

Voice Communications (Virtual World Format)

Voice Communications (HTML Format)




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