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Evaluation of Professional Scheduling Practices and Related Training Issues in Mississippi

By Claire Freeney - Jan 03 - Aug 03
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair),  Name, Name
Project Objective
In order to address the scheduling problems faced by contractors in Mississippi, I am surveying a large sample population to determine if lack of training is at the root of the problem.


Every construction contractor has encountered problems when another member of the construction team does not comply with the primary schedule. Such an event defeats the efforts made by well-run, organized, competent companies to coordinate the project effectively. To address this problem, I am surveying general and specialty contractors in Mississippi to define clearly the majority of contractors' behaviors and attitudes regarding the scheduling process, and the need for substantial schedule training or accreditation programs. This survey will evaluate training as a feasible resolution to this problem. This process will also determine if Mississippi contractors could use schedule training or accreditation programs to improve planning and scheduling skills in the workplace. Although this project implies a relevance to project scheduling and professional training pertinent to Mississippi, and involves a problem every contractor faces in the field and in working with other contractors, I have found no scheduling accreditation or workforce training programs concerning the matter in Mississippi. I have found no scheduling training in my research other than at the student level, but there are certainly working contractors and project managers who need training, could use improvement, or need an accessible training program to improve the scheduling practices of their business. The industry has room to improve in this area. Every type of contractor in every type of construction would likely welcome a source of training for improving his scheduling practices, and this research will not only determine the interests and needs of contractors for schedule training programs but also the methods they might find most useful.


Project Results
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