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Internship: Developing a Course Syllabi system that is XML enabled

By James Williams - June 2005 - Present
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair)
Project Objective
The objective of this project is to provide a method for the faculty of the University to input their syllabus data in and have it readily accessible for manipulation and customization. Because XML allows manipulation of content into various forms of presentation, my project will allow a single XML document to be displayed in the form of a web page, an Excel spreadsheet, or a word document.  Because of XML's robust nature, presentation is not limited to only Microsoft products. XML can use any word processing application, spreadsheet application, or Internet browser to display the content of the XML document.  


The major implications of this project will allow manipulation of data into most presentation platforms that are commonly used by instructors.  It will allow for data to be input only once, and the look of the data can be changed without loss of the data. (For example: Lets say you finish your syllabus and you decide that you don't want the assessment matrix section of your syllabus to be shown on the document version of your syllabus, but you do want it for the online webpage..  With this project, you will be able to exclude the assessment matrix without having to re-enter the data later.)


Project Results
Although my project is just the beginning of what could be a centralized syllabi system, it is intended that at the conclusion of this system being created that all instructors here at the university will be able to input the data from their respective syllabi once, and be able to manipulate that data to display only what is mission essential and in their choice of presentation platform.


Project Links
I-2303-05-S  Developing a Course Syllabi System that is XML enabled


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Originally Developed by: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran - Email: Tulio.Sulbaran@usm.edu  - Nov 2004
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