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By Angeelas Shannon - Jan 05 - Present
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair)
Project Objective

The objective of this project is to enhance ICEE's website by creating an E-brochure. An E-brochure will provide a more marketable approach when introducing ICEE to new students.

An E-brochure will provide an outline of specific points that the website provides. Electronic brochures are interactive tool that will allow you to view ICEE in a virtual way. With the E-brochure you can ....

1. Easily add pages or make changes regarding website

2. Always have updated information regarding ICEE

3. Maintain the website in a less complex way

Project Results
The expected results will contain the e-brochures uploaded onto the website for viewers. The brochures will allow the prospective students to apply for ICEE's internship by clicking on the E-Brochure, viewing a summarized version of information regarding ICEE, and submitting the internship application all through one of the E-Brochures. They provide varies information regarding what ICEE can do for the Engineering students.
Project Links
Timesheet Brochure  Click here to Download Plug-in First
Internship Brochure  
ICEE Brochure  
Intern's Timesheet Submission  


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