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Virtual Reality Walkthrough of the ICEE Lab

By Justin Nosser - Dec 04 - May 05
Advisor: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran
Project Objective
The significance of my project is to improve the ICEE Web site by providing a virtual walkthrough of the ICEE lab online. The virtual walkthrough will be interactive and allow users to access different aspects of the ICEE Web site by clicking a 3D model such as a computer monitor. The virtual walkthrough will not only provide an interactive experience for the user, it will also provide important information about ICEE such as the people involved, the projects currently being researched, and contact information.


The project is a 3D virtual walkthrough of the Innovation for Construction and Engineering Enhancement computer lab located in the Bobby Chain Technology Building, room 231, on the University of Southern Mississippi’s Hattiesburg campus. A 3D representation of the computer lab will be created using VizX3D, a new and powerful VRML authoring tool. This software will then be used to make the virtual lab interactive by embedding links to different ICEE Web pages inside of 3D objects that users can click on, supplying the 3D environment with background MIDI music, and providing the 3D environment with an infinite horizon that can be defined with images.


Project Results
Once the project is complete and tested, it will reside on the ICEE server and their will be a link to the file from the Web site. Any future modifications to the virtual lab will reflect new additions to the ICEE Web site and any physical changes to the ICEE lab itself.

This project will give viewers an opportunity to learn more about the ICEE organization and experience one of ICEE's many technological creations.


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 (Requires Cortona VRML Client 4.2 Plug-in to View--HERE)




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