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Installation of Bazaar for Website Construction

By Stephanie Jones - June 04 - Dec 04
Committee: Dr. Tulio Sulbaran (Chair)
Project Objective
I noticed that the website for the center was not being maintained as well as it could be. The website was not being maintained as well as it should be because no one had the time to update it and if they did there was always someone on the server where the updates are done. There was also a lot of ICEE business on the website that only applied to ICEE members. Having this information on the website turns non-ICEE members away because there is more ICEE business on the website then actual information about the program. Since most of my job searches resulted in some type of website upkeep. I decided that having an easier and more efficient way to update and maintain the ICEE Website would be an efficient project objective.


Bazaar is a web content hosting platform, designed with users and administration in mind. Its content-management system, coupled with a flexible permission system and modular design allows for easy extension and integration into existing administrative systems. Bazaar gives you a default web template and lets you manipulate that template to be used for your needs. It also has default modules that can be edited for specific use. Some of the modules include administration, chat, newsgroups, bookmarks, a profanity filter, multimedia, guest book, and analyzing and tracking authorization. There is an administrative and user view to the program. The administrator can edit the modules so that the user can only use those modules. But the user can manipulate those given modules to his or her liking. Only the administrator has the privileges to add and delete or modules. Users can be added to the program and guest accounts can be created. This also gives ICEE a place to put business information. Bazaar can be manipulated so that ICEE members can only view some pages. As to where before anyone could view anything on the website.


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